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My why...

My Why?

Growing up I never said I wanted to be a doctor, vet, firefighter or lawyer... I wanted to be a mom.

I love the job (well most of the time).

I am far from perfect and have to laugh at my long list of (self-proclaimed) shortcomings, but now that my children are teenagers and you can really start to see their personalities, their character, their manners, their compassion and respect for others, their creativity, their ambition and their love for their family... then you start to validate that you might of done the mom thing right.

I"m far from done.  I believe that once a parent always a parent.  My dad still parents me and is there when I have doubts, questions and victories.

Now that the girls are older it's more about leaning in and giving them my time.  They definitely don't need "mom around" but they are secure in knowing that their mom wants to be around and will always make them a priority when they do need me... or a ride.

I've been a single mom now for eight years.  I was not planning to raise children alone, but I am.

So, I am lucky to be able to combine my passion for raising kids and being an entrepreneur into a business with the message to "just be yourself" and share it with the world.

xo, Karen

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